The Channel Meet Up - what we are about 

28.01.22 04:17 PM By Jacqui


This is where we continue the conversations held at the Channel Meet Up Events.  

The Channel Meet Up is an exclusive event for channel marketers. It’s a chance to work through channel challenges with your peers. Work with people who deal with the same challenges and opportunities as you. The mood is informal, with the emphasis on exploring the issues at the top of your agenda on the day. There are short talks from specialists on relevant topics – from sales incentives to compliance issues, from channel marketing automation through to co-branding best practice.  One of the main events is the panel discussion on the theme of the day where delegates can also pose questions. 

Then after the event, you will have exclusive access to research and content arising from the discussions and analysis papers. 

Building an active and productive real-world community of channel marketing professionals.