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Theme for 2022 : Aligning Sales and Marketing

This has been a challenge for decades and "Channel" adds a layer of complexity. 

  •     Who does the Channel Team report to?
  •     How does the Channel team impact sales and inspire marketing?
  •     How can Channel teams influence both sales and marketing within your partners?
  •     Does the Channel team align with sales or marketing or both?


                                  US Event - Sales and Marketing alignment 
                                   ​ El Prado, Palo Alto Silicon Valley, California
Thursday October 13th 2022

Do you need to run your own partner event?

Do you need to add a sprinkle of channel fairy-dust to your event?

We encourage engagement and interaction and facilitate debate? 

We have done this before and can take the strain out of running your Partner  Event.

Partner Advisory Council or Channel solution Selling Workshop.

Adding added Channel flavoring to your Partner Events

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